About us

Behind Hotel Market Seminars are Annemarie Gubanski from Taktikon Consultancy and Anders Johansson from Hospitality Visions, both with a solid background within Revenue Management and Distribution. On the 10th of January 2018 the topic of Hotel Market Seminars will be to increase profit.

”Hotel Market Seminars comes from our ambition to organize an inspiring event that focuses on the strategic and tactical issues that the hospitality industry is facing” say Annemarie Gubanski and Anders Johansson.

Anders Johansson has an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics, and is a Consultant in business development and Revenue Management for the hospitality industry. Anders also works as a teacher at the Restaurant and Hotel School at Örebro University. Anders has a long career in the hospitality industry and has worked both as a hotel-CEO and a restaurant-CEO.

Annemarie Gubanski has a long experience in Revenue Management and Distribution. She ownes the Sweden based Taktikon, a Revenue Management and Distribution Consultancy for the hospitality industry. She organizes the very popular Revenue Forum in Sweden and the Netherlands, and lectures on several of the Hotel School The Hague’s educations.