Masterclass, Speed Dating & Crash Courses

09 Jan 2019
14:50 - 15:50

Masterclass, Speed Dating & Crash Courses

Masterclass: How to regain control over your distribution costs in three steps by Karin Van Rhee from Juyo Analytics.

Speed dating:

Meet our innovative speakers and exhibitors!

The Speed Dating will last for 60 minutes and you will get the chance to meet the most of our sponsors, speakers and exhibitors for three minutes, after which you will change chairs.

Crash Courses: 

Crash Course 1: Karate for Revenue Managers, the “36 chambers” by Oliver Geldner and Katarina Svensson

Crash Course 2: Does the ideal website exist? by Monika Nagelhofer

Crash Course 3: Understanding your Customers needs by Anant Vithlani

Crash Course 4: So many systems & so little time – where should I focus? by Catarina Randow

Crash Course 5: TBC