Angelique Klar

Area Director Germany

Angelique Klar

Area Director Germany


No matter what – it’s all about hospitality! And that’s exactly where my involvement often is required. I ❤️ to create “winning” teams, which out of their own ambition “exceed expectations”! Guest & employee satisfaction first – What is good? What needs to be improved? What needs to go? What are we missing? Answering and solving those service gaps will result in growth performance and as a consequence of an increase of EBITDA.

Specialties: Change management – Prepare companies for acquisition – Optimizing business performance

Session Title:  How to make your customers fall in love with your business

Session description: 

  1. Why do we need loyal customers?
  2. How to get them?
  3. How to keep them?
  4. And if you succeed … what is the return on your investment in them?

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