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Erik Tengen

Erik Tengen

Co-founder at Oaky.com

Eric Tengen is co-founder of Oaky, passionate about hospitality tech, who loves public speaking. His speciality is to make other people enthusiastic and to dare. What makes him genuinely happy is when people tell him that, after having talked to him, they want to break free of old habits and give their own visions a try. Talk to him about: – How hotel technology is changing the way guests interact with the hotel – Entrepreneurship & Presentations/Pitching – Golf, Skiing, Techno and Djing

Pecha Kucha: How to sell the right deals, to the right guests, at the right times

Global travel spending is at an all-time high, creating an enormous opportunity for hotels to make more revenues. But hotel guests spend their money with intermediaries instead of at the hotels. In this Pecha Kucha Session, Erik will talk about the new technologies and personalized upsell tactics that enable hoteliers to take back control. Welcome to a journey into the future of upselling and driving direct revenue across the full guest journey.