This Year’s Topic

Attention to the guest will increase profitability

Attention to the guest means understanding the guest, how to promote the right value proposition at the right price point in the right distribution channel and deliver the right guest experience. With all these aspects covered, the guest will be a happier guest and give the hotel better reviews on Google, Tripadvisor and on the OTA:s. This will increase the demand for the hotel and lead to higher revenue and higher profitability.

The more attention a hotel gives to the guest, the higher long-term profitability.

Hotel Market Seminars will bring new knowledge and inspire you how to increase the attention to your guests before, during and after the stay. Listen to inspiring keynote speakers and expert panel discussions. Participate in master classes, crash courses and workshops to discuss interesting topics with your peers and experts. We have also carefully selected industry suppliers that will show their most innovative solutions that will help you achieve your goals.